LoveAware is a documentary movie project based in Austin, Texas. Over the past few years we’ve interviewed over 100 people on a very basic, yet vital, subject.


Specifically, what is love and what does it mean to other people? Obviously, that conversation expanded and other questions were touched on. How do we deal with heart break? How do we learn to love again? How do we deal with insecurity or learn to fight well?

In the end, the question changed on us. It became a new question: How do we learn to love well?

Certainly, if we tried to answer those questions we’d just be pompous know-it-alls. That isn’t our goal. We just want to share the thoughts we’ve collected and share them in the beautiful, elegant manner they deserve. If we achieve our goal we won’t find an answer, we will just have more people asking these important questions.

What is love to me, and how do I do it better?